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2091A Honey 1 x 3kg
2055 Honey Clear Glass Jars 6 x 454g
2191A Honey Boyne Valley 12 x 454g
2191 Honey Boyne Valley 6 x 907g
2091 Honey Squeezy 6 x 680g
7078 Apricot Jam 1 x 2.72kg
7063 Blackcurrant Jam 1 x 3.5kg
2130 Mixed Fruit Jam 1 x 2.72kg
2189 Strawberry Jam 1 x 3kg
2133 Lemon Curd Jam 1 x 3.17kg
2188 Duerrs Raspberry Jam 1 x 3kg
2189M Margetts Strawberry Jam 1 x 3kg
2188A Marmalade 1 x 2.72kg
3145B Duerrs Peanut Butter Smooth 1 x 2.5kg
3145 Duerrs Peanut Butter Smooth 6 x 200g
8035A Nutella Chocolate Spread 1 x 3kg
8035 Nutella Choc Spread 15 x 400g
3145A Peanut Butter Crunchy 6 x 227g