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0248 Bacon Loins Per Kg
0202 Bacon Loin Dry Cure Per Kg
0202A Bacon Loin Smoked Dry Cure Per Kg
0208 Bacon Pieces Smoked Lardon 1 x 1kg
0274 Bacon Flakes 1 x 1kg
0203B Becketts Rindless Bacon 1 x 2.25KG
0201 Becketts Rindless Bacon Streaky 1 x 2.25KG
0204B Becketts Smoked Rindless Bacon 1 x 2.25Kg
0213 Horseshoe Gammon Danish Per Kg
0212 Boned & Rolled Gammon Per Kg
0235A Gammon Skinless Danish Crown Per Kg
PR0237 Irish Gammon Fillet 1 x 1kg
pr0253 Irish Gammon Fillet 1 x 700gm
0233 Irish Gammon Fillet 12 x 2kg
0237 Irish Gammon Fillet 12 x 1kg
0253 Irish Gammon Fillet 20 x 700g
0215 Slipper Gammon Pieces Per Kg
0214 Ham Shanks Per Unit
  Pork Cuts
0219 Pork Butt Per Kg
0217 Pork Fillet Per Kg
0216 Pork Loin Boneless Per Kg
0218 Pork Ribs Per Kg
0226 Pork Shoulder Boneless/Rindless Per kg
0221 Pork Belly Per Kg
0225 Loughnanes Sausage Cumberland 8's 1 x 2kg
0231 Loughnanes Sausage Garlic & Herb 8's 1 x 2kg
0228 LoughnanesSausage Peppered Pork 8's 1 x 2kg
0229 Loughnanes Sausage Pork & Apple 8's 1 x 2kg
0223 Loughnanes Sausage Pork & Leek 8's 1 x 2kg
0247 Loughnanes Sausage Pork,Black Pudding & Thyme 8's 1 x 2kg
0256 Loughnanes Sausage Stout & Leek 8's 1 x 2kg
0222 Loughnanes Sausage Tomato & Basil 8's 1 x 2kg
0236FRESH Loughnanes Sausages 4's 1 x 4.54kg
0232FRESH Loughnanes Sausages Cocktail 1 x 4.54kg
0216FRESH Loughnanes Sausages 16's 1 x 4.54kg
0238FRESH Loughnanes Sausages 8s 1 x 4.54kg
0224A Loughnanes White Pudding 1 x 1kg
0223A Loughnanes Black Pudding 1 x 1kg
0236 Black & White Pudding Roulade Per Unit