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0325SC Turkey Crown Stuffed Per Kg
0325C Turkey Crown Cooked Per Kg
0376C Turkey & Ham Carvary Portions 4 x 4
0376A Turkey & Ham Buffet Style Portions 4 x 5
0264B Chorizo Sliced 1 x 100g
0264A Chorizo Vela Sausage 1 x 225kg
2375 Pancetta Sliced Smoked 7 x 300g
0262 Pastrami Sliced 1 x 500g
0241A Prosciutto Parma Ham 1 x 500g
0324A PVP Chicken Fillet 1 x 2.5kg
0324F PVP Chicken Sliced 5mm 1 x 2.5kg
0324M McKeown Chicken Slice 3mm 1 x 2.5kg
0324D McKeown Chicken Slice 6mm 1 x 2.5kg
0391 Smoked Chicken Fillet Per Kg
0251A Cooked Rindless Bacon 1 x 1kg
0279 Cooked Streaky Bacon 1 x 1kg
0257 McWhinneys Cooked Sausages 1 x 48
0242DC D-Cut Cooked Ham Per Kg
0239A Denny Old Style Cooked Ham Per Kg
0255A Gammon Skin Off Per Kg
0255 Gammon Skin On Per Kg
0239 Limerick Cooked Ham Per Kg
0242 Deli Sliced Ham 1 x 1Kg
0116 McKeown's Roast Beef Sliced 1 x 1kg
0116A McKeown's Thin Roast Beef 1 x 1kg
0243 McKeown's Roast Turkey Sliced 1 x 1kg